Cashback trick Google Pay – How to apply & make money

In the Electonic wallets Era, We have multiple wallets like google pay, Phone Pay, Paytm where people are using electronic wallets instead of physical cash wallets. These wallets are not only helping to make an efficient transaction but also people are making money by using cashback trick google pay as well as other wallets.

in this article, we will reveal the secret Google pay cashback trick. This will not only help you to ease the transaction but also you can earn money online via each google pay transaction. We are sharing these Cashback tricks for google pay after personally using google pay wallets.

What Google pay Cashback trick will cover in this article

  • How to get 100% cashback Recharges
  • How to get an unlimited amount of search cards
  • How to get unlimited money using Google play games.

but before moving forward. let’s try to understand the basic concepts

What is google pay?

Google pay is an e-wallet from google. Google says “This helps people to Pay and receive money instantly using their existing bank accounts. No more reloading mobile wallet balances or withdrawal fees. It’s your money, made simple”

With google pay, you don’t need to add money to wallets, it makes the transactions directly from your existing bank account instantly using UPI.

Facilities provided by Google Pay

– Contactless payments with Android phones and Wear OS watches

– Secure online payments

– Passes and tickets stored for travel, Cashback programmes

What is cashback in Google Pay?

Cashback is a loyalty program given by google that helps their customer earn money in terms of transactions and referral bonuses.When you use Google Pay, you can also get cashback. You can get cashback if you buy a product or service with Google Pay. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Google product or service.

How to get cashback in google pay?

You can even get cashback for things that you have already bought. For example, you can get cash back for things that you bought using your credit card. You can get cashback for things that you bought at an online store or a physical store. You can even get cashback for things that you bought with your phone.

You can get cashback for things that you bought with your Google Pay app. The cashback that you get will be added to your Google Pay balance.

The secret to Google pay cashback trick

Are you excited to use these tricks on the Google Pay app? Then carry on your reading & follow the below-given steps!

Google Pay Cashback Tricks

Earn Unlimited From Go India Game

1.) Users will receive cashback on the account of their Google Pay account after using this method.

2.) Users are able to transfer money to accounts that are not their own account.

3.) People who use the app will receive the scratch card from the Google Pay app rewards section.

4.) Users must use the Google Pay trick again & repeatedly for an unlimited cashback.

5.) Utilize the technique to your personal risk, Earningkart is not responsible for any loss.

How to Use This Google Pay Cashback Trick

Find the step-by-step guide to using google pay tricks

1.) First Download or update your Google Pay application on the Offer Page to make use of this technique.

2.) Also, you can utilize the following code as a referral code to earn an additional incentive: Code

3.) Then verify the validity of your cellphone number and connect your bank account to Google Pay. Google Pay app to be able to receive cash.

4.) Then, open Google Pay Go India. Google Pay Go India game in the GPay application.

5.) Then then, complete the game one time, by collecting city tickets.

6.) When you’ve received your benefits in your participation in the Go India game, transfer your entire remaining tickets onto your second or friend’s Phone Number.

7.) Then, remove the Google Pay account by using the main phone number.

8.) Then you must login using your primary number, and then include a different email ID and then connect the bank account once more.

9) Then, take part in then the Go India game again by transferring all of your tickets from your second number.

10) You can then earn cashback through the Google Pay account and follow this process with a fresh email ID to earn even more cashback through Go India. Go India game.


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Is it possible to earn cashback from google pay ?

Yes , you can earn decent money by using google pay cashback tricks.

Is google pay indian company ?

No, google pay is an United States Company.

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