Google Pay

Google pay is an online payment application. It is available for both Android and iOS operating smart phones. Google pay is used for transfer of money, shopping at mall, retails store, local vendors,  hotel, hospital, government offices, mobile and telephone bill, in online purchasing from websites and many more. It has wide range of use in financial transaction. It is faster, smoother,  more secure than any application. It has foundation trust from google giant itself.

Google Pay Journey

Google Pay mobile payments app was introduced in 2020. The history of Google Pay is very old. In age of science and  technology, the conventional coin transaction has been partially replaced by digital payment technology. A digital wallet app introduced in 2018, now Google Wallet

In India, in 2013 Government of India first time made a regulation for digital financial transaction. Online purchasing and money transferred was allowed. But the application was not so simple.

Google Pay was originally developed as Android Pay and was released in  2015. This application was conceptually based on Google Wallet that was released in 2011. The technology of Android Pay was influenced by Softcard’s technology. In 2017 the google launched Tez on pivoting the UPI payment system. Tez was later re-branded to Google Pay on August 28, 2018.

In 2018 Google Pay introduced google wallet services for payment.  At that time user cannot directly use his bank account to pay or transfer money. There was option to get money in google wallet before making any payment.

In 2020, Google App came and it has changed the broadly the concept of  digital financial transaction. Money transfer, shopping, paying bills, booking movies ticket, even flight has never easier than before. All it been made Google App being so simple yet, smart. 

In 2017 Google Pay had monthly active users of recorded 67 million. Presently,  the application has recorded more than 50 billions download.

Google Pay Revenue Model

Google Pay does not charge any money from its users.

Google Pay collects its revenues via transaction-based fees from the online and in-app payments of the banks and merchants. Advertisements and product offers within the Google Pay app are other source of revenue for the company. Google acquires customers by providing cashbacks & users also use various types of cashback tricks for google pay.

Google Pay also earn by selling limited data of its user to companies.

Google Pay App Features

Currently google pay has following payment features:

  1. Scan any QR code
  2. Pay contact
  3. Pay phone number
  4. Bank transfer
  5. Pay UPIID or Number
  6. Self Transfer
  7. Pay bill
  8. Mobile Recharge

Advantage of Using Google Pay App

Following are advantage of Google Pay App :

  1. It safe, secure and smoother.
  2. It offer multiple options for payment.
  3. It gives double check security check before payment which ensure fraudulent payment.
  4. Google Pay has security stake of Google Giant, the world largest web search engine.
  5. It QR scan an pay option can be use for any payment. It the most easiest and safer way of payment.
  6. From time to time google offer scheme to earn money.
  7. Now days, google is offering scratch coupon offers on every transaction.
  8. You can directly get coupon amount in your bank account.
  9. Some cash rewards and discounts are also offered by google from time to time.
  10.  Google pay sometimes offers earning ponts. These points can be use as token of  currency in limited financial transaction.
  11. Google Pay gives Financial Transactional history.
  12. Respond transactional message and alert,immediately.   

How to download Google App

Google Pay App is available on Google Play Store. Downloading procedure is very simple and easy as below-

  1. Open your Smart phone, Tablets.
  2. Go into Google PlayStore
  3. Enter Google App in the search option
  4. Google app will appear.
  5. Click on install
  6. Google Pay app is automatically downloaded and will be installed
  7. After installation, click On open.
  8. It will ask you to enter you mobile number. Enter your mobile number which is register with bank
  9.  Then choose the sim.
  10. Then Set Security pattern or Securty PIN

Note: Lastly after entering PIN or Security Pattern, the application is ready for use.

Google Pay Customer Care Number

Users of Google Pay App in India,  can reach to Customer Care Toll Free Number  at: 1-800-419-0157.

Google Pay Company Highlights:

Start-up NameGoogle Pay
HeadquartersGoogle, US
FoundersSujith Narayanan and Sumit Gwalani
FoundedSeptember 11, 2015, and then renewed on January 8, 2018
Google Pay Highlights

Does raising canes take google pay

Raising Cane is a very poppular food chain in United states, many people have doubt whether Google pay takes google pay ?

Here is the answer, Raising Canes accept Google pay payments only for In restraunt orders. They doesn’t accept google pay for online orders.


Google Pay is a safe, secure, simple Digital Payment Application provided by Google Giant. It has security stake of Google. It does not charge any transactional fee from its users. Google Pay offers multiple options for payment. It offers double verification procedure before final payment which helps in fraud financial translation or misuse of app. Besides free application use, it offers reward directly in customers’ accounts for using its application. Use of Google Pay App in all aspects is beneficial to the users.