Top 10 Credit Cards with Highest Credit Limit in India

Top 10 Highest Credit Cards with maximum limit

There is no “one size fits all” solution when picking the finest credit card. Asking the correct questions will help you determine your financial needs and limit your options. It would be simpler to choose from a smaller number of possibilities as a result. In India, there were 47 million credit card users in 2019; it is predicted that between 2020 and 2025, this industry will grow by more than 25%.

Younger generations’ propensity to “purchase now, pay later” is largely to blame for this.

As a result, it’s beneficial to select a credit card that offers you the finest benefits for your financial condition. Without a doubt, it will be crucial in enhancing your creditworthiness and general financial stability.

Credit cards provide advantages in a number of areas, including shopping, gas, travel, cashback, rewards, and more. The finest credit card for you would be the one that complements your spending style and offers you the greatest value back on your preferred purchases out of all of them.

For the purpose of paying for goods and services, credit card holders may borrow money up to a predetermined credit limit. The user is required to pay back the borrowed amount by the bill due date or over time by converting it to EMIs; else, substantial interest costs and penalties apply.

The majority of credit cards provide a 30-day billing cycle with up to 50 days of interest-free time, as well as a grace period of about 20 days, at the conclusion of which the bill is due. Keep in mind that the interest-free period does not apply to cash withdrawals or card balances that are not paid in full.

Allow us to simplify this for you by offering our best choices:

Top 10 Credit Cards with highest Credit Limit

1. HDFC’s MoneyBack credit card – best for beginners

The HDFC MoneyBack credit card is the best option if you are new to the world of credit cards. It’s a terrific approach to start improving your credit score while saving money to use this card. You will save money on every dollar you spend thanks to its cash back advantages.

You will gain two reward points for every 150 spent, and twice as many if the purchase is made online. These reward points can then be redeemed for presents or air miles from the special rewards catalogue. But keep in mind that in order to be able to redeem it, you must have a minimum of 2,500 points.

Even more intriguing is that anyone earning more than 15,000 yen per month can apply for this card, making it ideal for a young adult who has only recently begun working.

Joining fee: ₹500 + GST

Annual fee: ₹500 + GST

2. HDFC Diners Club Black card – Best premium credit card

With unrestricted access to international lounges and appealing perks, this credit card provides the total package for high-end consumers. The perfect premium credit card is the HDFC Diners Club Black card, which has a credit limit of Rs. 4 lakh.

It is deservedly referred to as the greatest foreign credit card. At 2.0%, it offers one of the lowest foreign exchange rates. Additionally, each quarter you will have access to six free golf games.

It gets even better because you may earn up to 3.33% on every retail purchase (excluding fuel). and you can earn 5 reward points for every 150-transactions.

Along with the reward points, you also automatically have access to a wealth of lifestyle and travel perks.

Joining fee: ₹10,000 + GST

Annual fee: ₹10,000 + GST

3. IndusInd Bank Pioneer Legacy card – best zero annual fee credit card

Among the lifetime free credit cards in India, the IndusInd Bank Pioneer Legacy card offers the highest reward percentage. You can get 1 point for every $100 spent on all of your weekday purchases, and an even better 2% on weekends.

Additionally, if you spend $6,000,001 during a year, you will receive an extra 6,000 points as part of their anniversary incentive. You will receive a Luxe gift card, which can be used for a variety of pleasures, as well as exclusive gift certificates for Oberoi Hotel groups as a welcome treat.

Joining fee: ₹45,000 + GST 

Annual fee: nil

4. SBI Card PRIME – best lifestyle credit card

SBI Card PRIME, hailed as the best credit for paying utility bills, includes a priority pass for four free international and eight free domestic airport lounge visits.

It includes welcome e-gift cards with a value of 3,000. These brands, including Pantaloons, Yatra, Bata/Hush Puppies, Shoppers Stop, etc., can be purchased with this. For cardholders with at least 3 lakhs in expenses, the annual fee is eliminated. Both the MasterCard World and Visa Signature versions of this card are offered.

The most valuable credit card on the market is SBI Card PRIME. For instance, the card offers the greatest rewards for utility bill payments in India at 5%, or 20 points for every 100 rupees spent. The general spending rewards rate of 0.50% is the only drawback.

Joining fee: ₹2,999 + GST

Annual fee: ₹2,999 + GST

5. American Express Platinum Travel credit card – best credit card for travel

For someone who travels frequently, the American Express Platinum Travel credit card is the best option. This card offers additional travel gift certificates in addition to free lounge access.

All that matters is obtaining those milestone rewards. You will receive 10,000 rewards points as a welcome bonus, which you may exchange for a Flipkart voucher or a 3,000 USD payment option in Amex Travel Online. Additionally, if you spend 1.9 lakhs in a year, you will receive travel coupons worth 4,500.

This card not only enhances your travel experience overall, but it also gives extra advantages like frequent savings at MakeMyTrip and other redemption opportunities. Furthermore, for every 50 spent, you will receive 1 reward point. Nothing is greater than this.

First-year yearly fee: $3,500 + relevant taxes. After the second year: 5,000 + any applicable taxes.

6. Standard Chartered DigiSmart – best credit card for online shopping

Anyone who prefers online shopping should apply for a Standard Chartered DigiSmart credit card. You can receive discounts of up to 25% on transportation, apparel, food, groceries, movie tickets, and cab services. You can save up to $3,450 per month using this credit card.

To take advantage of the discount offers, you can only use this card for a select few online sites. You receive a 20% discount on Myntra for each purchase, a 20% discount on Yatra for domestic ticket bookings, and a 25% discount on Myntra for domestic hotel bookings.

Along with a 15% discount on Ola cab reservations, you will also receive a 10% discount for online food orders on Zomato and Grofers. The icing on the cake is Inox’s buy one, receive one (BOGO) movie ticket promotion.

There is no yearly cost. Instead, it levies a monthly fee of 49, which is waived for transactions totaling at least 5,000.

7. SBI Student Plus Advantage credit card – best for students

The SBI Student Plus Advantage credit card is an option for college students who want to keep track of their spending. Customers who have taken out a student loan with SBI are the only ones eligible for this card. A fixed deposit can be used to secure your card, making it a secured credit card without an annual charge.

Additional benefits offered by this credit card include 2.5% cashback on supermarket and department shop purchases. For all of your overseas expenses, which is excellent if you’re studying abroad, you also receive the same reimbursement.

Membership fee: free

Yearly fee: 500 only if total transactions on the card in the previous year were less than 35,000.

8. Kotak Mahindra Essentia Platinum card – best for grocery shopping

We spend a significant portion of our monthly budget on groceries. According to a poll, the average Indian spent close to 28% of their total income on groceries.

When it comes to grocery shopping, the Kotak Mahindra Essentia Platinum credit card is your best cashback option. It is the best option because you receive 10% cashback on all supermarket and retail purchases. This card is the ideal choice if you spend at least 1,500 on supermarket purchases.

In addition, if you spend 1.25 lakh in six months, which equates to up to 24,000 points or six free PVR tickets in a year, you’ll receive 12,000 points as part of their anniversary incentive.

Joining fee: ₹1,499 + GST 

Annual fee: ₹749 + GST

9. Axis Pride Signature – best credit card for NRIs

Do you require a credit card that gives you excellent value back on all of your purchases because you are an NRI? There is no need to search further because the Axis Pride Signature is the best available.

For the first year, there are no fees associated with using this credit card. The annual cost of $500 is waived for the following years if you spend a minimum of 40,000 in one year.

The majority of the credit card’s value is generated by an exceptional 1.6% value back on all purchases other than fuel. This means that for every 200 spent, you receive 8 reward points. Additionally, you will get two trips to lounges every three months in five major Indian cities, along with extra eating incentives.

Overall, this card would provide you with the most value for your expenses in practically every category if you are an NRI.

Joining fee: nil

Annual fee: ₹500, only if total purchases on the card are less than ₹40,000 in the preceding year.

10. ICICI’s Business Advantage Black card – best business credit card

One of the top business cards available is the Business Advantage Black card from ICICI. This premium card intends to promote safe company operations. On domestic and foreign purchases, you might get up to 1% cashback. This card can be used for everything, including air travel, automobile rentals, and business services like accountancy, marketing, and advertising.

The fact that the cashback is dependent on overall spending makes this card stand out. which implies that the payback will be bigger the more you spend. Users are also eligible to receive cashback after paying their bills, in addition to receiving cashback on business expenses.

Joining fee: ₹1,500 + GST

Annual fee: ₹1,000 + GST

Conclusion : Which one is best for you ?

Keep in mind that no single credit card offers all the benefits you desire. Each credit card is distinct and has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Additionally, by contrasting it with other cards, you have a better chance of discovering a credit card tailored to your needs. Your best option will be determined by a thorough comparison.

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