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Colin Stough American Idol Bio

It has been quite surprising for the judges and as well as for the fans that this season of American Idol is witnessing some of the best singing talents. Audiences and viewers are in shock after noticing how American idol Contestants are able to perform brilliantly in front of the world. Competition in the singing competition has become tough and as the show progresses towards the end it is becoming for audiences and the judges to guess who could be the next American Idol winner because every performer is performing their best.

American Idol Contestant Colin Stough
Colin Stough

Similarly, one among the best performers is Colin Stough. Colin Stough is an 18 year old American singer who is impressing the judges by his magical voice. Colin is a country singer from Mississippi, United States of America. Colin’s epic performance in the show gets him to the Top 26 position in the singing competition show. 

Colin Stough Early Life and Education

Colin is making his presence widely available throughout the country of the United States by his singing performance. This is why people are curious to know about who Colin is in a detailed way. Colin belongs from Mississippi and his interest has always been in singing. Colin’s education history does not have much details as of now but this 18-year old youngster is not just a singer but also a guitarist as well.

The youngster came into the light of fame after he auditioned for the singing competition show, American Idol season 21 where he received the golden ticket to compete in the further competition stages. It was back in Feb 19th 2023 when he had auditioned and impressed the judges and made his way in the singing competition show. 

He was only 5 years old when his interest in singing started and now the youngster is making big music in his career that people love hearing and watching. The teenager was already famous on his social media platforms before he auditioned for the singing competition and has got a high fan following in his social media handles. 

Colin Stough Journey As A Singer

Colin is just making his way in the singing world by stepping into the singing competition show, American Idol season 21. It was a huge leap forward in his singing career when he received the golden ticket after auditioning in front of the judges back in Feb 2023. Colin sang Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Simple Man’ during his audition process. It was obvious that judges would be impressed with it. 

It was Katy Perry who praised his gruff voice and raspy tone and shared that his voice has got a magical voice in him. After the judges was impressed Colin’s mother, who has been a great support to him in his singing career was also invited on the stage to get her son the Golden Ticket to Hollywood. 

Colin Stough Age

The youngster is 17-year old and is currently completing his high school from Hately High School. The youngster has become quite the sensation and a famous personality among his friends and family members due to his singing talent. With his entry in the American Idol, it seems that he has a long journey ahead in his singing career. 

Colin Stough Net Worth 

Colin is just a school going teenager who has got great passion for singing and music. His entry in the American Idol is itself a great achievement for the youngster as it is one of the biggest platform to boost his singing career at such an early age. The singer has got great potential to become the next American Idol and can win huge prize money if he wins the show. As of now, his net worth is under review. 

However, the singer has also got a lot of followers in his Tik Tok account where he has got around 70k followers. It is said that he has worked in a factory where he had made a few bucks. With so many followers in his Tik Tok account, it can be assumed that he may have started earning every month. 

Colin Stough American Idol Audition Performance

Colin Stough sang Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Simple Man’ during his audition process. Being a country singer the song was the most suitable one to impress the judges and it did. It was judge Katy Perry who talked about his interesting voice and praised him about it after he was done singing. Other judges also seemed impressed and was looking forward to have him on the show with great expectations and potentiality in him.

The show is almost coming to its final part. Singers are being eliminated and as of now Colin is till in the game. Colin will be moving to Hawaii for the second part of the Top 24 which was twisted by the judges and is now Top 26 this season. Stough is still in the competition at least for now and he will be performing once again in te upcoming episode which is all set to air next week. 

Colin Stough Top 24 Performance in American Idol

Colin still has the chance to make it to the top 10 list after the episode took place on Sunday. The judges revealed that it was not going to be Top 24 but Top 26 and Colin is one among them. Fans should not worry about Colin’s appearance in the upcoming performances because as of now he still has a chance to become the ultimate winner of American Idol season 21. 

It is only a matter of time before competitions get tighter and viewers find out who will be moving to the next round of the show. His last night’s epic performance of ‘Cold’ gets him in the Top 26 position in the American Idol season 21. Fans and viewers hopes that he moves at the further stages of the competition. 

Can Colin Stough Win American Idol 2023?

As of now, the singer has got great potential in him and his voice has got a touch of fresh sound. Viewers and fans along with the judges have always been impressed with his performance and therefore it can be assume that he could be the next ultimate winner of the American Idol season 21. But, as of now it is too difficult to guess that who could be the winner because competition has become tight and it could be anyone’s game. So, it is only a matter of time before we witness the winner of the show.

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