All You Need to know about Lucy Love – Way to American Idol Golden Buzzer

Lucy Love Biography

Lucy Love is an American singer and as well as a songwriter. Lucy is one of the contestants that has made a huge impact on the minds of the fans and the audiences. Lucy has made it in the latest season of American Idol season 21. She belongs from Holly Grove, Arkansas and is a single mother of her two children. Her love for singing has never stopped even though it is being difficult being a single parent.

Lucy Love Audition process
Lucy Love American Idol

Lucy Love Age

Lucy Love is a 28-year old singer from Arkansas in a small town named Holly Grove. Lucy was born in the year 1994 and is a single mother of two kids. 

Lucy Love Net Worth

Lucy Love’s net worth is under review as she has just made her way in the singing competition. She is being able to win hearts  of the judges and as well as the audiences. She could boost her singing career if she is able to win the competition. This also means that she could earn a fortune after getting a breakthrough in her singing career. 

Lucy Love American Idol Audition

Lucy Love had to perform twice to receive a golden ticket. During her very first performance, the judges asked her to tone down her personality and focus on her singing more. However, she was able to prove her merit the second time and finally received the golden ticket. Fans were left with mixed kind of opinions about Lucy’s performance.

Lucy’s personality instantly stood out, but it did not sit too well with the experts as it interfered with her singing. But, all that matters is that she stood strong during her second chance and finally received the golden ticket from the judges.

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