Top 5 Digital Piggy Bank Apps In USA 2023

Digital banking has taken a new advancement in recent years not just in a country like the USA but globally. Digital banking rose its heights to what it is today only because of the pandemic which forced people to use digital methods for making a transaction. However, it was not just an easy way for making a digital transaction but also safe and as well as a fast process.

The traditional banking accounts which are the savings account, current account and such will remain the same even though they have become digitally available on your smartphone. Now, you can even start your savings on digital banking applications just like the traditional method. 

Digital banks have become the latest banking trend today as it is offering the best services to its customers. In most countries digital transactions have become the most used methods for making a transaction whether it is about paying someone or paying bills or something else that involves payments. 

Top 5 Digital Piggy Bank Apps In USA

Digital piggy banks may or may not have physical branches where you would have to visit to open a bank account because right from the application to sending and receiving money everything happens online. Digital banks operate through an application which is feature-rich and quite efficient. Here are the top 5 digital banking apps in the United States.


Revolut might be a UK company but it has expanded its business to other parts of the world, USA being one of them. It is a large and one of the most reliable digital banks that has already opened its offices in the European Union and in the United States as well.

Revolut account holders can exchange currencies from 150 different currency types and the company does not charge fees for changing standard currencies. This gives its users the opportunity to both save and spend their money around the world seamlessly. 

Revolut also offers access to vaults to their users that helps save money for upcoming expenses. Customers can also earn cashbacks and rewards and can also apply for special cards to support causes. They have also added the ability to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies. 

Varo Bank

Varo Bank is a digital neo bank that was founded back in 2015. Varo bank stands out only because of its savings account which offers 2% APR on all saving balances with the option to earn up to 5% APR on balances up to $5000. But to get this benefit users would have to meet two requirements :

  • Receiving direct deposits of totaling $1000 or more 
  • Closing the month with a positive balance in your account.

The Believe credit card is an attractive looking card. The bank does not charge any monthly or annual fees, no APR and no upfront security deposit. Users can apply for this card when they open a Varo bank account and receive around $500 in direct deposits within 90 days. 


Current bank is a New-York city based fintech company that allows its users with mobile-only checking accounts. Current operates on the premise that banking should not only be accessible but affordable for everyone. On the other hand, Current Bank innovatively keeps things super simple offering just two checking accounts.

In the high interest account which is primarily designed for teenagers and parents. In this type of account there is no need to maintain a balance in your account. Also, the interest rates are kept high on your deposits and you can get cashback for every debit card purchase. This type of account gives the youngsters the freedom to spend and learn within the barriers set by their parents. 


Bluevine is yet another famous fintech company that aims to improve banking for small and medium-sized business owners. Bluevine business checking is its flagship product that provides its users an easy user-interface that simplifies the digital banking experience for business owners. It allows users to create a free account where they can conduct unlimited transactions which is not yet very commonly witnessed by digital banks. 

An account balance of 100,000 or less than that can help users earn an impressive 2% APR. However, beyond its checking account, Bluevine also offers business owners several financing options. 

  • Paycheck Protection Program loans 
  • Invoice factoring 
  • Credit up to $250,000


Chime is another reputed digital bank that helps people improve their financial situation. There are three types of accounts available that include a spending account, a credit builder, and a savings account with a 2% annual rate of return. If your credit score is performing then you can have the chance to improve your score by up to 30 points with a Chime-secured credit card.

Consumers with credit cards of Chime get fee-free withdrawals from more than 38000 ATMs. On the other hand, the Chime application features many security-related features including the ability to block debit card transactions and alerts you whenever there is a transaction on your card. 

Benefits of using Piggy banks for Saving

  • It is easy to sign up for digital banks and that too they are free of cost
  • The interest rates provided by most digital banks are high with lower fees
  • Banking services can be availed through easy to use user-interface that can be availed 24*7
  • Users can also get personalized features to make things more convenient and simple for banking activities 
  • Safe and secure with the bank’s security features 
  • Users can earn rewards and cashbacks thus users can save more from every transaction they make.


In the end, it is all about offering and receiving the best banking services with all the benefits in it. Consumers do have the option to quit or close their bank account anytime in case they feel that their bank is not being able to offer the best services. Therefore, nowadays banks are bringing new and innovative changes with higher interest rates so that they can retain their customers.

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