How to use Phonepe Outside India? – Does it works Outside of India

Does Phonepe Work Outside India?

PhonePe, founded in 2015 is already the leader in the digital payment market in the country. However, even though the company is now owned by Flipkart and Flipkart is now owned by Walmart, PhonePe remains an independent business in the digital transaction business. It has beaten several top companies before it took the leading spot as the number one platform where the most number of transactions took place.

PhonePe has recently made some changes and brought some latest advancements where they have launched support for cross-border UPI payments under UPI International. Users of PhonePe can now conduct digital monetary transactions at merchant outlets in the UAE, Singapore, Mauritius, Nepal and Bhutan. 

Does PhonePe Work Outside India?

Indians can now make transactions to abroad merchants with the support of PhonePe. Some advancements and support has been made to PhonePe’s users where they will be send money to anyone in countries like Nepal, Bhutan, UAE, Singapore, and Mauritius. Therefore, it has become the first ever Indian digital payment company to allow UPI payments abroad.

Currently, the news about this advancement from the fintech company is creating a buzz among most news articles and websites. It is a great way for people to save time and as well as effort to send money to their near and dear ones residing abroad.

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Can I Do UPI Payment With PhonePe If I Am Outside India?

There was news that said that as per January 10, 2023 circular from the NPCI, UPI platforms would be able to onboard non-resident accountholders (NRE/NRO accounts) from 10 countries with international mobile numbers only if they can satisfy certain conditions. This means you can do UPI payments with PhonPe if you are outside India. 

Which Countries Support PhonePe?

  • UAE
  • Singapore
  • Mauritius 
  • Nepal 
  • Bhutan

Requirements To Use PhonePe Outside India

The requirements for using PhonePe outside India is quite basic. All transactions that are made from UPI platforms are backed by NPCI therefore it is safe and secure. PhonePe users can activate their UPI linked bank account for UPI international at the merchant location, or prior to their international trip, via the PhonePe application. The flow is secure and will require the customer to enter their UPI Pin in order to activate the service. 


PhonePe’s latest advancements has eased up efforts for so many people. However, with such advancements being made by the company it can be assumed that the number of transactions will also be more and thus increasing the revenue earned by the company. The company did a solid thing by offering its quality yet quick digital transaction services.

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