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For customers to quickly place orders online, in-store, or through the app, McDonald’s offers a variety of payment options. But what about Samsung Pay ?

Keep reading to learn the answers to these questions and more if you’ve been curious about whether McDonald’s takes Samsung Pay.

About Samsung Pay

With Samsung Pay, you may use your smartphone to make purchases at retail establishments all over the world. Nowadays, it’s customary for people to have their smartphone in their hand practically constantly, thus Samsung Pay enables users to do away with their physical credit cards and use their phone instead.

Similar to how an NFC-enabled card would function, Samsung Pay uses NFC technology to communicate a credit or debit card’s information to an NFC-enabled payment terminal. But the MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) technology used by Samsung Pay makes it compatible with conventional payment terminals and card readers as well.

Does Mcdonalds Take Google Pay
Do mcdonalds take samsung pay ?

What do Guests Want : Mobile Payment Options in restaurants and hotels

Our infatuation with mobile devices is strong. Nearly half of Americans, according to Pew Research, “couldn’t live without” their smartphones. And that includes travelling: 76 percent of travellers named their mobile device as their most important travel accessory in the Mobile Travel Tracker, a global study of 9,200 travellers from 31 countries. More than twice as many people chose to travel with their mobile device than with their loved ones.

With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that mobile hotel check-in and booking, as well as the capability to pay with your phone, are growing in popularity among tourists, according the report. In fact, using their phones as their keys is another increasingly significant convenience that hotel visitors perceive as the key to making their entire stay more convenient.

Samsung Pay in Hotel Check-Ins

The study found that 42 percent of consumers worldwide had made a hotel reservation using a mobile device, with business trips (29 percent), domestic short trips (30 percent), and international short travels being the top motivations (30 percent). Travelers’ experiences become much easier and more convenient when they can book hotels and then manage check-in on their phones or at lobby kiosks.

44 percent of respondents from the United States stated they would be willing to use their mobile device at a hotel’s self-check-in kiosk. Mobile check-in “simplifies the front desk while simultaneously offering guests authority over the check-in process,” according to Hospitality Technology magazine’s 2016 Lodging Study.

Samsung Pay in restaurants

People are happy that mobile payments are becoming more popular, especially at restaurants where they don’t have to wait for the bill to be delivered to the table and then an additional 5 to 10 minutes for the transaction to be completed. Additionally, when it comes to pack and carry, individuals prefer to enter and exit as soon as possible so that they can spend less time inside. They can save time by using mobile cards, which allow them to check out of the café immediately after paying.

Mobile payments for restaurants will thus be quick and easy. Customers may have a seamless, omnichannel experience with contactless payments that protects them from fraud and security issues.

How to use Samsung Pay at McDonalds

You can access Samsung Pay by swiping up from the bottom of the screen on the home screen, lock screen, as well as while the phone is locked and the display is off, once you have connected at least one card to the service. What you need to do to make a payment with Samsung Pay is as follows:

  • To access Samsung Pay, swipe up from the bottom of the screen (from the home screen or lock screen). On the screen, your default debit or credit card will appear. Swipe left or right to select the card you want to use if you have numerous cards set up.
  • If your Samsung Pay account is secured by an iris sensor, hit the IRIS button to enter payment mode; otherwise, tap the PIN button to enter your PIN. Simply tap the fingerprint sensor with your finger to activate the payment mode if you have the device locked with one.
  • Next, tap the phone’s back to the card reader or payment terminal. In some circumstances, you might need to touch the phone to the side of the card reader. You have 30 seconds to do this, but if the timer expires, just repeat step 2.
  • Once your card has been recognised, you can cease pressing the phone to the payment terminal or card reader. To authorise the transaction, you might need to enter your card’s PIN on the terminal or card reader. I’m done now. You may use Samsung Pay to complete as many transactions as you like, and each one will be recorded in the app so you can keep track of the money you have spent. You can generally pay an unlimited amount of money using Samsung Pay. But the bank or card issuer may have established a payment cap on a card.

Do McDonald’s Take Samsung Pay?

If you are having the same question – Do McDonald’s take samsung pay ? Here is the answer – Samsung Pay is accepted in McDonald’s restaurants and drive-through lanes. Although neither the mobile order app nor the pay app will accept Samsung Pay as payment. As of currently, these online options only accept Apple Pay.

One of the few fast-food establishments that accepts Samsung pay as a viable mode of payment is McDonald’s. Customers who favour using digital payment methods over cash or credit cards will be happy to hear this.

McDonald’s ordering is also made simpler because you can do it immediately through phone. You only need to have a Samsung pay account set up for this; it’s pretty easy.

This is completely consistent with fast food’s promise of quick and easy service. You can pay in that way as well with a digital payment system like Samsung and have your order fulfilled more quickly.

Benefits of using Samsung Pay at McDonald’s

Its fast

Almost everywhere you can swipe or tap your card to pay accepts Samsung Pay. Holding your device close to the contactless terminal will allow you to swiftly and easily make your payment at McDonald’s.

Its secure and safe

Your actual debit or credit card number is not transmitted with your payment using Samsung Pay. Instead, your actual card is represented by a special Token number. Your card information is always secure. Transactions over AED 300 could ask you for a PIN as an extra measure of security. Additionally, you will continue to get SMS notifications for each transaction.

It is easy to use

There is no need to keep several credit or debit cards on you or go through your wallet to find the proper one. Instead, sign up for Samsung Pay with your Emirates NBD cards and choose the card you wish to use to make a purchase by simply browsing through the list of available cards.


Question- When will I get a refund if my money is stuck while paying through Samsung Pay at McDonald’s?

A refund will be processed into the original payment method used to place the order within 7 to 10 business days of the order being successfully cancelled or returned.
For additional help, get in touch with them or use our 24-hour phone support number.

Question- Is it safe to use Samsung Pay at McDonald’s?

Yes, Your actual debit or credit card number is not transmitted with your payment using Samsung Pay. Instead, your actual card is represented by a special Token number. Your card information is always secure. Transactions over AED 300 could ask you for a PIN as an extra measure of security. Additionally, you will continue to get SMS notifications for each transaction.

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