Top 10 Series On Netflix Romania to watch In 2023

Netflix is one of those streaming media companies that has always been the leading entertainment streaming application ever since its introduction. There have been several shows and movies released on this platform that has received not just worldwide fame but also prestigious awards and recognitions as well.

According to its number of users reports this year the platform had an increasing percentage of 6% than the previous year and the number of active users hit 690+ million globally. 

The main reason for such a huge number of users is its attractive and entertaining collection of movies and shows. The platform has been so far able to manage to gain the attention of the users, unlike other streaming companies.

Top 10 On Netflix In Romania In 2023

Some of the top and most watched web series like ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Wednesday’, and many more were the core reasons why people will always stick to the streaming company. Now, let us have a look at the top 10 on Netflix in Romania in 2023. 

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story 

Show name Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story 
Genre Historical drama 
Director Tom Verica 
Release date May 2023 (USA)

The show has received quite positive reviews and ratings from film critics and as well as from its viewers. The story of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton story is based on the real King George III and Queen Charlotte. The first season has only been released and the second season is yet to get the green signal from the production team. 

In case there is a second season you can visit the official social media handles of Netflix or the show’s official account. This is where you will receive updates about auditioning for the show. However, as of now it is quite early to guess that the show will be coming back with another season.


Show name Triptych 
Genre Mexican thriller
Director Maite Perroni
Release dateFeb 2023 (Mexico)

Triptych is a Mexican thriller that was released earlier this year in Feb. The show has only a season and has already gained a lot of attention from binge watchers across the globe. People have said that the show was an exceptional series and it came with great thriller story as well.

Currently, the show is standing at the second position in the Top 10 on Netflix in Romania and in case you haven’t watched it yet you can do from its original network Netflix itself. 

It is also possible that the show will not return for its another season. But, in case you are interested to audition for its upcoming season then you should keep up with the official social media handles of the network and as well as the show. You can also contact your agent in case the production team decides to move on with another season.


Show name You
Genre Psychological thriller 
Director John Scott
Release Date Sep 2018 (USA)

If you are looking for a thriller that will blow your mind then ‘You’ is one among those series that will definitely surprise you. Lead actor Penn Badgley is a charming young man who falls in love with a girl and does the undoable things to get her attention and become her lover. The show received quite good ratings from the critics which is another strong reason to watch this psychological series. 

The series has got four seasons under its belt and it is possible that the show will making a comeback with another season next year. If the show makes a return then it is possible all the original characters but additionally just like its previous seasons viewers could expect some new faces as well.

You can have the chance to audition for the show. Contact your agent or stay updated with the latest news from social media handles to get yourself on boarded for the audition.

Wrong Side Of The Tracks

Show name Wrong side of the tracks 
Genre Drama, thriller 
Creator David Bermejo 
Release date Feb 2022

Wrong Side of The Tracks is a drama series that revolves around the story of a teenager who falls victim to the drug dealers overtaking the neighborhood. Later, the grandfather of the teenager takes matters into his own hands to make things right.

Wrong Side of The Tracks has been able to entertain its viewers so far and has also received decent reviews and ratings as well. As of now, the show has got two seasons already and will be returning for its third season as well.

The third season will begin its production soon as it was renewed late in the year 2022. If you want to audition for the show then you must contact your agent immediately. However, you can also keep up with the official social media handles for the latest updates.


Show name Sex/Life 
Genre Drama 
Creator Stacy Rukeyser
Release date June 2021

Sarah Shahi plays the lead character Billie Connelly in the show Sex/Life. She has done several notable works and fans have always loved her character. Sex/Life was released in the year 2021 and did quite good among viewers but failed to impress the critics.

However, the story of the series revolves around Sarah Shahi who is portrayed as a suburban wife and a mother who takes a fantasy-charged trip down memory lane that sets her present on a collision course with her wild-child past. 

A piece of bad news for those who were looking to audition for the upcoming season because the second season has been cancelled by Netflix. Netflix had cancelled the official premiere for the second season of Sex/Life that aired on March 2nd.

Black Knight

Show name Black Knight
Genre Science fiction; Dystopian; Action
Director Cho Ui-seok 
Release date May 2023 (South Korea)

If you are a fan of the Korean movies and TV shows then you will definitely love watching Black Knight. This sci-fi action genre web series comes with not only action packed episodes but with an interesting plot as well. The very first season has just been released and looking at the popularity that the show has already started to gain it is possible that creators will be coming back with another season. 

As of now it is quite early to say that there will be a second season because Netflix has not renewed it yet. Keep yourself updated with the latest news about its casting call and auditions through official social media channels and also from the official website. New season means there is a possibility that the production team will look for new faces.

The Blacklist 

Show name The Blacklist 
Genre Crime drama; Action; Thriller
Creator Jon Bokenkamp
Release date Sep 2013

American drama series like The Blacklist is one of the successfully running series since 2013. The show come with drama and action packed episodes that has gained the attention all across the globe. Being a successful show there has also been a spin-off series released of the same name. In case you haven’t watched it yet then maybe you should start watching. 

The 10th season was released just early this year in the month of Feb 2023 which is sadly also the final season of the show. The show runners has decided not to move on with another season which is why you will not be able to audition for the upcoming season because there won’t be any.

Firefly Lane 

Show name Firefly Lane 
Genre Drama 
Director Anne Wheeler, Lee Rose 
Release date Feb 2021

Firefly Lane is a drama series that was released back in the year 2021. It is one among the top 10 shows on Netflix in Romania for you to watch. The interesting storyline and the excellent choice of casts were the two solid reasons why the show received positive feedbacks fro the viewers and critics rated it excellently as well. 

The show has got two seasons under its belt and has officially confirmed that it has come to an end with the release of its second season. Therefore, there will be no upcoming season for this drama series. The production team will also not be updating about any kind of auditions because the show has ended.


Show name Bridgerton 
Genre Romance 
Director Shonda Rhymes
Release date Dec 2020 (USA)

Bridgerton is a romance genre television series on Netflix and is one among the top 10 shows that you can watch on Netflix this weekend. If you are craving for a romance show with a bit of historical romance as well then Bridgerton is one such show that you can go for. 

The second season was released last year and it is being hoped that the third season will arrive somewhat late 2023 or early 2024. Therefore, there is enough time for interested actors to get themselves on board for upcoming auditions. However, you can contact your casting agent to get in touch with the casting team so that you can audition for a role.

McGregor Forever 

Show name McGregor Forever 
Genre Docuseries 
Director Gotham Chopra 
Release date May 2023

Mcgregor Forever is a docuseries on Conor McGregor that has just hit the streaming platform recently. The show has been listed in the top 10 on Netflix. It is an interesting docuseries that you will not feel bored about. As of now it is receiving quite good reviews and ratings from the viewers and as well as from the critics.

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