Cup Loan Program: Reviews, Application Process & Other Details

You surely have heard of and used lots of loan programs in the United States of America but, have you heard of Cup Loan Program? Some people surely have seen advertisements for the Cup Loan program online.

What is the Cup Loan Program? 

If you have seen the advertisement correctly then, you might have seen the program revealing that it can get you loans without collateral, credit checks, fees, or any other background checks. 

Moreover, the Cup Loan Program is a loan program. This loan program is offered by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Cup Loan Program is specifically designed for public facilities to either renovate or construct when damaged.

Some basic examples of these facilities are schools, fire stations, hospitals, community centers, and many more. This is what you get when you have opted for a Cup Loan Program from USDA. 

Is Cup Loan Program Legit?

Yes, there are quite a lot of rumors when it comes to Cup Loan Program. Many believe that the Cup Loan Program is fake and it is a scam. But, in reality, that is not the case, it is a legit and proper loan program that has been established by USDA. 

Many people who have taken this Cup Loan have given their reviews on various social media platforms including websites. The whole process and everything including the loan transfer under this loan program is legit and they are safe.

Yes, sometimes scammers are always online to scam potential consumers. This is where you as the consumer need to be safe and use all the necessary tools that are required while giving your personal details including bank details. 

Cup Loan Program Reviews

When you find a legit and simple loan program they mostly receive positive reviews from all the consumers. Similarly, the Cup Loan program is a legit loan program and it has received lots of positive reviews only because of its simple and easy loan procedure. Interestingly, the eligibility criteria set under this loan program are very simple and easy. 

8 out of 10 people were quite happy and satisfied with the loan process and other procedures of getting a loan. Other than this, this loan program has excellent customer support. Consumers who faced problems while getting their loans immediately got their solution from amazing customer support.

Now, here is a consumer who had taken a loan from this program and has given his positive review. You can take a look or read using this link  Cup Loan Program Review: A MUST Read Before You Apply 

What is Cup Loan Program Application Process? 

If you are planning and willing to get the Cup Loan Program after fulfilling all the terms, conditions, and eligibility criteria then the whole process is online. Individuals need not worry about the paper works or going to an office and coming back home for loans and other papers. 

All the process of getting a loan is online. Individuals who are willing to get a loan are required to visit its official website and know all the details there. 

How to Apply for Cup Loan Program? 

The application process for applying to the Cup Loan Program is very easy and simple. Make sure you fit into all the terms and conditions as per the program. Now, here are the steps of how one can apply for the Cup Loan Program:-

  • The first step is to visit the official USDA portal where you can search for the Cup Loan program or use this link State Offices | Rural Development ( 
  • After you visit this link search for the Cup Loan Program then click on it 
  • If you do not get the option then look for the AskUSDA option or contact option use the details there to contact and ask them regarding the application form
  • Once you find out the form make sure to fill out with proper details 
  • After you have completed filling out the form make sure to recheck it so that you do not face problem later 
  • After you have checked make sure you click on the submit button

Pros and Cons of Cup Loan 

Here are the pros of the Cup Loan Program:-

  • Interest rates are low- Yes, unlike any other loan programs, the interest rates offered or applied at Cup Loan are very low. The interest rate is fixed for the entire term of the loan so that consumers do not worry about the fluctuations 
  • Fast and easy application- When you apply for the Cup Loan Program, the whole application process is very easy and fast. 
  • Flexible repayment terms- People who have taken a loan under this program have the choice to repay the loan they have taken with full flexibility. They can either choose from monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. 
  • No application or other hidden fees- Most companies or lenders charges hidden or application fee. But, that is not the case with the Cup Loan program. 

Here are the cons of the Cup Loan program:-

  • Limited eligibility criteria- The eligibility criteria for this loan are only for limited people and not for everyone. 
  • Limited availability- This program is only available to eligible and suitable candidates who are willing to take the loan. 
  • Limited borrowing amount- The borrowing amount is not very much and it is very limited. 


Q1. What is Cup Loan Program website address?

Ans: The website address of the Cup Loan Program is State Offices | Rural Development ( 

Q2. Is the Cup Loan a government program? 

Ans: The Cup Loan program is offered by the United States Department of Agriculture also known as USDA.

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