Get Credit Card With 15000 Salary – Apply for Flipkart Axis Bank Super Elite Credit Card 

Flipkart Axis Bank Super Elite Card 

Credit Cards in the current Indian market are getting a lot of hype. Not only the registered banks but, some startups are coming up with unique credit options. In the same way, Axis Bank and the famous e-commerce website Flipkart have come up with the Flipkart Axis Bank credit card. This is the best credit card with a low salary. 

Yes, Super Elite is not a debit card, it is the best credit card offered by both Flipkart and Axis Bank. It is a co-branded shopping card. Interestingly, the target audience for this credit card is mostly Flipkart loyalists. If a purchase is made using this credit card then the customers earn SuperCoins, instead of rewards or cashbacks. This is another great method of earning rewards from a credit company. 

Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card

Eligibility Criteria for Flipkart Axis Bank Super Elite Card 

Everyone in the country cannot be eligible for credit cards. One must have a stable income to get a credit card for them. In the same way, to get a Flipkart Axis Bank Super Elite credit card there are certain eligibility criteria. These eligibility criteria should be taken seriously for the ones willing to take such a credit card.

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Now, the eligibility criteria set by both companies are not very strict. One can say it is easy for an individual to get a credit card. Now, the eligibility criteria are the following:-

  • The cardholder should be between ages 18 to 70 years old. Below the given age one will not be allowed to receive a credit card. 
  • Individuals willing to get a credit card can either be Residents of India or Non-Resident of India. 
  • Must have a stable income to return the credit amount. 
How to apply for Flipkart Axis Bank Super Elite Card

Benefits of Flipkart Axis Bank Super Elite Card 

Most credit card company is offering highly exciting benefits to customers. In the same way, Flipkart Axis bank is doing the same. The customer who opted for this card gets a long list of benefits from both these companies. 

Currently, Super Elite Card is one of the best cashback credit cards in India. Some of the benefits of using this card are the following:-

  • Welcome bonus 
  • Flat 5% cashback on Flipkart, Myntra, and other partnered websites
  • 1.5% cashback on all expenditures

These are some of the permanent benefits that are offered to all cardholders. Additionally, all the customers are offered other limited and exclusive offers as well. 

These benefits can be used by a low-salaried person as well for further savings. For example, a 15k per month salaried person can easily purchase a month’s grocery items using the card. He can then later make the repayment the following month along with a lot of cashback. 

Pros and Cons of Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card 

Many experienced people in the market will say not to get one of these credit cards. Along with a long list of benefits, there are a lot of disadvantages to owning a Flipkart Axis bank credit card. 

Getting exclusive rewards for shopping is always there for the customers. Other than that, the joint company offers exclusive offers that are only for cardholders. Interestingly, these offers are not given to the public. The pros of using a Flipkart bank credit card are the following:-

  • 500 SuperCoins on card activation
  • 2-month YouTube membership
  • 30% Discount on Myntra 
  • 3-months membership on Gaana Plus 
  • Up to 25% off on domestic flights using Flipkart Axis Bank credit card
  • 1-year Lenscart Gold membership for free 
  • Fast transaction process 

These are some of the advantages of using a super-elite credit card. Now, some of the disadvantages are the following:-

  • The credit card offers cashback or benefits only for online expenditure
  • No cashback or benefits on fuel transactions
  • There is no international lounge access for the cardholders
  • There is a joining fee of Rs 500
  • The cardholder needs to pay an annual fee of Rs 500
  • No cash back on jewelry purchases 

These are some of the disadvantages of using the Flipkart Axis Bank Super Elite credit card. 

How to apply for Flipkart Axis Bank Super Elite Card

This is one of the best credit cards for low-salary people in the Indian market. Interested people can easily get one of these credit cards delivered to their homes. The application process taken by the companies is very easy and smooth. No customers will face any problems while filling out the application. 

The application form can be found on the official website of Axis Bank. Now, the further steps are given below:-

  • Visit the official website of Axis Bank
  • Click the “credit card” tab 
  • Click the “Flipkart Bank Super Elite Credit Card”
  • A form will appear to fill out all the necessary details 
  • Click on “Submit”

Charges and Fee for Flipkart Axis Bank Super Elite Card   

Not all credit transactions are for free. Some credit cards in the Indian market take heavy charges from their customers. Fortunately, Flipkart’s Axis Bank credit card does not charge unnecessary amounts from its customers. 

The charges and fee list for using the Flipkart Axis bank Super Elite Credit card are given below:-

  • Joining Fee- Rs 500
  • Annual Card Fee- Rs 500 (second year onwards)
  • Card Replacement Fee- Rs 100
  • Duplicate Statement Fee- Waived
  • Outstation Cheque Fee- Waived
  • Mobile Alerts for Transactions- Free
  • All Finance Charges for any retail purchases or cash- 3.6% per month
  • Cash withdrawal fees- 2.5% minimum of Rs 500 of the cash amount
  • Overdue or Late fee- Rs 500 if the total amount is due (depends on the amount)

The conclusion: is it good? 

People love getting products that have high advantages. In the same way, the Flipkart Axis Bank credit card has many benefits. This is the current best credit card with low-salary customers in the Indian market. Additionally, first-time cardholders will see a lot of benefits. People who love to shop online must apply for a credit card.

Can I Use Flipkart Axis Bank Super Elite Credit Card with 15K salary?


Can I Use this card at other places?

Yes of course, you can use this card at various outlets.

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